Jennifer Swanson


Jennifer Swanson

watercolor painting & photos
Media: Jewelry + Beads, Painting, Photography

7 Meacham Street
MAP # 65
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MAP # 65 | 7 Meacham Street -, Somerville MA
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Artist's Statement

Jenn Swanson Downes-

I am a lowbrow, pop-art painter & a photographer.

I've had with over 40 exhibitions to date. I paint mostly with watercolors and add a copic marker overlay. My artwork has been exhibited locally, nationally, and in Canada. I've Illustrated art for a Rex Trailer produced Kidís TV show, called JoJoís Dream Cart. Which aired nationally on the Satellite Dish Network,(American Muslim Network/Bridges TV) founded by Mohamed Ali (boxer).

I started exhibiting photography in May 2011. Within 9 months I sold 3 pieces & won two different calendar contest.

Along with being an artist, I am also a pet groomer, a, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shoalin Karate, I wrote & illustrated a a childrenís science book & published poetry. I am a HUGE collector of Wolverine action figures. I have taught myself to read palms, knit, and speak, read & write Japanese. I am currently teaching myself to pay rock music on the xylophone. I enjoy gardening, cooking, high end Vodka and listening to rock-n-roll.