Somerville Open Studios is a Citywide event. Getting around the city is key to enjoying the breadth and variety of art. Happily, there are a lot of ways to do that!

Getting to and around Somerville

by Car: Visitors arriving by car, enjoy a leisurely weekend: park your car once and leave it parked. If you live in Somerville, Hello, Neighbor! We recommend leaving your car at home and enjoying your hometown streets.

Resident-only parking restrictions are lifted during SOS hours, including the Friday preview. Parking on side streets is still limited. Never block hydrants or driveways. Remember: all meters are in effect on Saturday, and some are also in effect on Friday evening. Only use handicap spaces if you have an appropriate tag. Thank you, Mayor Curtatone and the City of Somerville for the parking consideration!

The City and Tufts University have donated FREE PARKING in five large school lots. The FREE TROLLEY will loop past or near all of these lots. (see below)

So "pahk yah cah" once, and enjoy the compact tree-lined streets of Somerville.

mbta log by MBTA: Arrive in Somerville by T to Porter or Davis (Red Line) or Sullivan (Orange Line*), then connect to a cross town bus or the nearby free SOS trolley. MBTA buses also run on Highland Ave, Broadway, other major roads, and throughout Somerville. Routes 80, 83, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 94, 95, 96, and 101 may be of use. In addition, bus routes 85 and CT2 run on Friday evening only. Details at

* On Saturday and Sunday, April 30 and May 1, 2016, buses will replace Orange Line trains between North Station and Sullivan.

To arrive directly at the Artists' Choice show at the Somerville Museum, enter the address
1 Westwood Road, Somerville, MA into the trip planner or Google Maps.

by Bicycle: Riding between artist sites is a fantastic way to get around, but if you want to park your bike and walk, look for large bike corrals in most business districts. Remember: Look up! Never lock up to a handicap parking sign. Your bike may block a disabled person from getting to the curb.

trolley picture by Free SOS Trolley (Sat+Sun): Check your SOS mapbook or our online map, or mobile map for the Trolley Stops, and watch for the Old Town Trolleys with the SOS banners. Free Counter-clockwise loop-circuit around the city, making these stops:

  1. Joy Street Studios, 86 Joy St
  2. Mudflat Pottery, 81 Broadway at Indiana Ave
  3. Mad Oyster Studios, Pearl St at Bradley St; also near Pearl Street Studios
  4. 429 Medford Street, at Central Street
  5. Opposite 20 Vernon St - Vernon Street Studios
  6. 499 Broadway, Magoun Square
  7. Broadway at Pearson Road - between Ball Square and Powderhouse Circle
  8. Nave Gallery, 155 Powder House Blvd at Curtis St
  9. Holland St at Cameron Ave
  10. Davis Square - bus stop in front of Holland St. Red Line entrance
  11. Highland Ave at Willow Ave
  12. Highland Ave at Conwell St
  13. Opposite Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave -- SOS Community Space
  14. Avon St at Central St - Somerville Museum (SOS Artists' Choice Show) and Central Street Studios
  15. Dane St at Tyler St, near Artisan's Asylum
  16. Washington St at Perry St, near Washington Street Studios
  17. Union Square - bus stop in front of Mandarin Chinese restaurant
  18. Brickbottom Studios and Gallery, Joy St at Fitchburg St

Mix it up! At just over 3 miles long, the City of Somerville is remarkably walkable. Walk to a studio, catch a Trolley up hill to the next, and pick up a bike share to ride the flat or coast down to the next station.

Plan your visit in advance, plot a course, and leave room for serendipity!

Free Parking Lots available for use during SOS (Sat-Sun):

  • West Somerville Neighborhood School—lot on Raymond Ave, 100 yards from Curtis St. [map]
  • Tufts Administration Building lot, 169 Holland Street [map]
  • John F Kennedy School—intersection of Elm and Cherry St. [map]
  • City Hall / Somerville High School—93 Highland Ave: along City Hall concourse, high school [map]
  • Arthur D. Healey School—5 Meacham St. at end of street behind the school [map]