Danielle Festa

" San Gimignano Scarf"
Oil on Scarf
[20" x 28"]
Conceptual Realist, Oil + Fabric

Media: Mixed-Media, Painting

Washington Street Studios
321 Washington Street 10

MAP # 80

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First with a camera, then with oil paint and fabric, I define the personas of my subjects as they are perceived by onlookers. I let the material embrace and overwhelm the characters I create as they become preserved in their attire. I have been continually inspired to tell tales of entrapment, showing how fabric has the power to dictate our personalities in an instant. By incorporating an unexpected element of cloth, I am calling attention to the ability of a specific article to define my subjectís identity.

In each painting, I experiment with the transition between paint and fabric, allowing my subjects to transform into the characters I create. I like for viewers to enter through the comfort of realism, and then allow the distraction of material to lead them towards my concept. Avoiding blatant conceptual announcements, I prefer for viewers to experience the journey of their own interpretation of my vision.

Based on real moments in the lives of my subjects, I work to call attention to the importance we put on clothing. I want onlookers to experience the independent choices, the religious mandates and the social constructs that influence both what we wear and how we view others.