Kathryn Geismar

Oil on Canvas
[12" x 9"]
Oil Paintings

Media: Painting

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street #20

MAP # 58

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For me, painting is a process of seeking truth rather than capturing reality. For the past five years I have focused mostly on portraiture, attempting to find the qualities of a person that make them appear to be themselves. What interests me about portraiture is not the likeness to the person but the way both the person and the process are revealed on the canvas, chronicled over time through layers of pigment and moments of seeing.

Part of the pleasure of art is seeing known things rendered in new ways. My hope is that my portraits show aspects of a person that can be felt and recognized by any viewer. Ideally that experience goes beyond the visual to include the emotional and the personal. When this is successful the painting transcends portraiture to become an expression of universal moments of being.