Randy Garber

Listening: Receive
intaglio prints, copper and binders thread
[variable, up to 9' h x 16' w]
Etchings and monoprints

Media: Drawing, Installation, Printmaking

Mixit Studios / Mixit Print Studio
32 Clifton Street #2

MAP # 20

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"It is all too easy to take language, one's own language, for granted-one may need to encounter another language, or rather another mode of language, in order to be astonished, pushed into wonder, again." - Oliver Sacks, Seeing Voices: A Journey into the World of the Deaf, 1989

My work investigates perception and how meaning is deciphered. How we navigate our perceptual terrain is complicated by the fact that what we excavate, discover and describe is always over-determined by the tools we use: language, memory, science, line, shape, color, etc.: puzzling this out is the subject of my work.

I use elemental and pedestrian materials (copper plates, copper tubes, player piano scrolls, plastic tubing) and traditional processes (etching, drypoint, graphite and pencil drawing) and deploy the shadows cast from the works.