Lauren Leone

[6" X 6"]
Drawing, embroidery, encaustic

Media: Drawing, Fiber + Textiles, Mixed-Media

Washington Street Studios
321 Washington Street

MAP # 80

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I explore themes of connection, communication, and the passage of time through drawing, embroidery, encaustic painting, and most recently stenciling. Using subject matter from personal experience in an earnest and sometimes humorous way, I play with the relationship between the internal/private and the external/deliberate. Illustrating difficult situations or emotions with levity, intensely personal themes are depicted in a way that I hope can become universal. Through my work I illustrate the tension, complexity, and sometimes absurdity of emotionally charged situations and ultimately aim for it to remain relatable for the viewer to find their own associations.

Working in different mediums allows me to find new ways of exploring similar themes and each medium has unique properties that serve to deepen these themes. I choose to work in embroidery because it is a deliberate and meditative practice. Contemplating difficult situations through this slow process serves as catharsis. I am drawn to the inherent metaphor that comes out of the process of encaustic painting. The translucent layers and surreal, ethereal quality of the medium speaks to the space that exists between self and other. Most recently I have started using stencils on canvas. Repetition and layering serve as a way of illustrating the sometimes obsessive thinking that happens when working through emotionally charged situations.