Diane Novetsky

Change of Wind
acrylic on canvas
[36 x 36 inches]
Lush Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Media: Painting

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street #11

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My recent series of paintings, EARTHSHIFTER, draws upon the natural world, its waters, skies and landmasses to invoke the spirit of the Earth’s ecosystem in all its wonder, fragility and transience. These paintings convey the mystery of these forces—the light and dark spirit of nature—especially the cycles of growth, decay, and regeneration. They are not depictions of landscape, but transformations that suggest the weight of water, the collision of land formations and the luminosity of sky, all through the physical substance of paint.

My painting method employs a complex, multi-layered technique that combines areas of impasto with transparent glazes. These vibrant layers—suggestive of the earth’s strata—use a variety of acrylic-based mediums, such as textured gels and pastes that echo the gritty qualities of natural sand, clay and stone. My paintings describe lush contrasts in texture, surface quality and transparency as heavy-bodied paint is deployed through a variety of tools including paint knives, squeegees, and brushes.
My work conveys a sense of shifting space and light in an atmosphere of luminous color, making reference to painters such as Monet and Bonnard, while firmly claiming its own unique authenticity. Depicting no specific place or time, these paintings exist as fully abstract works of art.

I am a founding member of the Brickbottom Artists Building in Somerville, MA. My work has been shown widely throughout the region including the Galatea Gallery, Danforth Museum of Art, Tufts Aidekman Gallery, the New Hampshire Institute of Art and the Boston Convention Center. I am included in many private and corporate collections in New England and nationally. Visit dianenovetsky.com for more information.