Marilyn Root

Funky rippled glass
Handmade glass
Modern Glass Art & Jewelry

Media: Glass + Mosiacs, Jewelry + Beads, Mixed-Media, Other: Jewelry

Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street 43

MAP # 92
Also Open Friday Night 6-9pm

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I create unique glass beads and contemporary jewelry, in addition to kiln worked glass plates, platters, and glass artwork.

Glass is a remarkable medium, allowing for an array of surface decorations. Each focal bead is handcrafted using a torch with a combination of oxygen and propane fuel. Once the bead is complete, it is loaded into a kiln where it remains at temperatures approximately 950 degrees and is removed the following day.

My fused glass jewelry is created using a variety of opaque, transparent, and dichroic glass. Several different layers are used in the first fusing, and placed in a kiln at up to 1500 degrees. The glass is removed, coldworked, and returned to the kiln for a second firing. The glass is then polished and may be ground or faceted to add definition before being returned to the kiln for a final firing.

New work in glass concentrates on chemical reactions between glass, and includes metal, making for one of a kind glass works suitable for hanging, or home use as platters and plates.

New for this open studios will be enameled work, using varied metals in bold , contemporary palettes.

Studio #43 is on the 2nd floor, and accessible by main stairs and elevator