Laura Golly

On the Road to Taos: Pilar, New Mexico
Watercolor + Ink
[6" x 8"]
Watercolors | Magnets | Paper

Media: Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street Studio 34, 3rd floor

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Why I Draw
By training, Iím a graphic designer; but, Iím also a
fine artist, poet & traveling soul. My watercolors are en-plein-air paintings. Theyíre immediate, spontaneous, a response to light & the moment in time.

They capture impressions ó the spirit of the place. Working this way forces me to be still, to experience a place in a way that I canít when Iím just walking through.

Whatís implied is often as important as whatís there.
Theyíre my visual travel souvenirs.

I Love the Weather
In bad weather speed is essential, good weather lets
me be more contemplative. I often go back to the same place in different seasons, weather & times of day.

I love being out in crazy weather. It must be because
my Dad was a weatherman...I often end up liking the quickest sketches...drawn in the wildest conditions,
the best.

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