Scott Cahaly

*New Nazca Stone*
[56/36/26" ]
it's overwhelming

Media: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Other: Large Stone Statues

Mad Oyster Studios
2 Bradley Street s3

MAP # 70

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My art is a reflection of me and an all pervading vision I have of the world around me!
I choose to portray this world through the mediums of paint and stone. I enter the creative process only having some small idea of an issue I want to address. It could be something I saw on the news, a political issue, something about my yoga practice or even my bike. At the inception of each piece a few broad strokes or chisel marks are made then the work informs me of what it wants to be. At this point the process builds, morphs or changes into something else. My creative process has grown into something that resembles its own world, filled with heart energy, visuals, mystical sensations, all emanating from an alternate dimension! I do my best to remember what has yielded inspiring results in the past and what is needed to keep the process and finished result fresh and inspiring.