Julie Peck

bird with berries
[18 by 24 inches]
High relief carved ceramics

Media: Glass + Mosiacs, Pottery, Sculpture

Julie Peck Studio
21 Willow Avenue

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My photo image is a sculptural mosaic,which began as a single slab of thick clay. The clay was carved and cut apart, glazed, reassembled and grouted to create the final piece. I like to play with the 2-Dimensional/3-Dimensional aspects of the carving, which brings the picture up off the surface and forms it in the round. All my work begins with the imagery drawn on the flat surface of the clay. I will then carve, pinch and stretch the drawing up, off and out,creating texture, shadow and depth. I do not know of another material with which my ideas can grow as clay allows them to.
While visiting my studio you will see this approach to surface design and form demonstrated in many works large and small. I will have large vases, lamps, clay totems, wall pieces, tiles, and utilitarian pieces such as, mugs, bowls, and plates.