Pecan In Space

Panda SMASH!
Oil on Muslin
[36" x 36"]
Portraits-Toys-Robots-Ray Guns

Media: Drawing, Painting

60 Park Street

MAP # 49

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Pecanís art comes from a love of portraiture, a collection of colorful toys, and her aspirations of bringing them to life.

It should also be know that when she's not in the studio, she works as a scenic artist for Film, Commercials, and Regional Theater.

Finding herself surrounded by a theatrical world and inspired by her toy collection, she began a portraiture series. These pieces often presented in an iconic manner letting the viewer bring meaning to the portrait. As her work progressed she craved more challenging projects eventually leading to creating scenes for the toys to exist in. Larger then life, they fly through space and tromp through the city of Boston leaving destruction in their wake.

Pecan works primarily from reference and life attempting to give her subject a painterly realism. As a result of many years painting as a scenic artist, she works quick and decisively, usually mixing and laying in a color in one layer. Her hope is for her work to provide a sense of humor in a world of worry and invites you to contemplate a realm where imagination comes to life.

The artist received her B.F.A. in Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design.

She lives and works in Somerville, MA.

Member of Local USA 829.