Randi Freundlich

Venice, Along the Grand Canal
Photograph, Archival Print
[11 x 14]
Fine Art/Documentary Photography

Media: Photography

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Making photographs makes me look harder and really see the beauty of our world. When I am able to slow down and find images that captivate me, I feel totally alive. It is said that light is the photographer’s paint: the light compels me to look, and to preserve the image. The photograph is successful only if the light is just right.
This year’s SOS features images of Italy, France, Hawaii and New England, plus other captivating sights from my wanderings. And flowers, nature's jewels....
Framed prints in small, medium and large sizes; greeting cards, and calendars. All very affordable!
My passion for photography began as a teenager, and led me to attend college at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I received a BFA in photography. Later on, I became a social worker. The focus of my work is with parents and families. My current project, Children of the World | Boston, is a series of portraits of children from immigrant families living in Boston. I’ve always been interested in my own family’s immigrant origins. Where did we come from, and how does that make us who we are? How do parents, who emigrated to the U.S. from other places, help their children understand who they are, in their new world?
I've been photographing the children, and listened to how they (and their parents) understood their family’s immigrant story. I love to see how they ‘become Americans’, and at the same time hold on to some of their identity from the home country. A mother from Pakistan dresses her daughter in a sari, and the little girl only wants Barbie dolls. A boy from Cape Verde plays African drums, and also loves baseball. I want to introduce these different worlds and cultures to a wider audience. My hope is that the viewer will learn something about the ‘children of the world’ here among us.
(This series has been exhibited at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from 2013 to 2014, and at Boston City Hall in December 2014--January 2015. A slideshow of Children of the World/Boston images is currently included in the Dreams of Freedom exhibit at the Prudential Center’s Skywalk Observatory in Boston, and at the Boston Children’s Museum.)