Glass Paper Scissors

A day at the beach
Stained Glass with shells from Sanibel Island
[26"X 8"]
Eclectic Stained & Fused Glass

Media: Glass + Mosiacs, Mixed-Media, Other: Repurposed mixed media

48 Victoria Street

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“Everything I was, I carry with me, everything I will be, lies waiting on the road ahead.”. ― Ma Jian, Red Dust: A Path Through China.
Art is the expression of my story and the souvenir of my journey.
I may still be newish to Somerville, but I am not new to glass. I have been playing with glass, since before I was allowed to run with scissors- easily a couple decades.
I solder it Tiffany-style, I fuse and slump it in the kiln, I etch it with acid and I mosaic with it too.
My art is about celebrating the medium and glass is a party that never ends.
This party is co-hosted with paper and scissors; in my mixed media pieces, don't be surprised to see individually marbleized paper, scrap fabric, candy wrappers, antique metal elements, found stones or dried flowers.
I believe that art has to be personal and relevant, functional and efficient. Good design is always cleverly utilitarian.

Over the years, my art has evolved from being a hobby to being my social connection as well as my voice for eco-consciousness.
To end this blurb, I have to say my art might be about ecological sustainability of creating but it is also about economic sustainability of whimsical shopping and the occasional indulgence.

Enjoy the weekend and may you find genuine art that speaks to you.!