Joel Janowitz

Stepping Back to See bb
[31 3/8" x 39 3/8"]

Media: Painting, Printmaking

Mixit Studios / Mixit Print Studio
32 Clifton Street

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For the last three years my entire neighborhood has undergone extensive roadwork as the city upgrades the sewer system. This work has required much heavy machinery, torn up roads, and thankfully, considerable protection for the street trees. For two years I paid little attention to the thousands of two by fours and vast yardage of orange plastic fencing that now surrounds hundreds of neighborhood trees. Recently as these structures have begun to age and sag, I started to see them. I saw both the beauty and the irony of so many trees being protected by dead wood and the petrol-plastic made from fossil forests of long ago. I began to paint, draw, and make monotypes of this strange landscape and in so doing, the work is revealing its own potentials as an inviting and disturbing metaphor for our flawed relationship to the environment.