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About Allan Morrison

I try to remove as much of the distraction as I can to show you just what really struck me as special. I hope that my images will help you to see some ordinary things in a more extraordinary way, and maybe even in ways I never saw them.

I try to find simple, ordinary things in their normal setting and see something unique or sublime in them without changing anything in any way. Just by looking from the right angle or in the right light things can show different aspects of to us. I think it is often overlooked that most things have an elevated meaning to somebody in some way. After all, these qualities only exist as we perceive them. Spirituality in other things only exists as an expression of the spirituality within each of us.

I got my first camera with paper route money at 12. I got an SLR at 16. I have always loved images and finding something cool to look at. I hope you enjoy these. I live in Massachusetts so lots of my images are in New England. I try to travel when I can so other locations are in my collection too. Thanks for taking the time to look.