Lynwood Designs
Gizem + Peter Montague

Scrap Metal Key Chains and Bottle Openers
Brass and Bronze
Functional handmade.

Media: Furniture, Other: Wood, Metal, Concrete, beeswax

11 Madison Street Apt 1

MAP # 71
Also Open Friday Night 6-9pm

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I work with many materials, brass, bronze, steel, wood, concrete, but functionality is at the core of everything I do. My background is in construction, furniture making and teaching. My inspiration usually comes from one of three places, finding a solution for a need, learning a new skill or using a material that I find beautiful in a new and interesting way. Many times this is salvaged or scrap material that would normally enter the trash. I have taught extensively at the Artisan's Asylum, keep honey bees, forage, lecture, will do commissioned furniture or concrete counters and am a full-time maker.