Sarah Meyers Brent

Dripping Plant
Acrylic on Canvas
Visceral Landscape Collages

Media: Collage, Installation, Painting

Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street 3

MAP # 92

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My paintings and installations explore the viscous ooze at the creation and termination of life - as relates to the environment and the human body. Using globs of dried paint, recycled fabric, paint rags, and decaying flowers, my mixed-media pieces flow out of and accrete to the canvas and walls. In this age of technology, when we are steps removed from nature, it is important for art to allow the viewer to experience what is alive and physical. I believe in a process of painting where the works are constantly evolving and influenced by chance. Further, I am interested in the relationship between geometric structures -- canvases, poles, and the edges of walls and the organic fluidity of paint and sculptural material. My installation works speak to natural disaster and the destruction of our environment as it parallels bodily process. In the dialogue between the themes of growth and decay pervading my paintings, sculptures and collage, my works are themselves in a state of flux, as if going in though their own degradation.