Caitlin Ahern

oil paintings

Media: Painting

191 College Ave. #1

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I am a painter who works as an art therapist for a local public school. Art is a big part of my personal and professional life. As an artist and art therapist I value the healing and transformative powers of art. Personally, I use art to express myself, to give to others and to find peace. Professionally, I use art with children to help them to communicate, to increase confidence and to de-stress.

My philosophy of art is simple. Art is an expression of the self and of the soul. Art is expressed in the way one dresses, cooks, speaks, walks, writes and of course creates. Art is a way to capture a point in time and share with others.

In addition to painting I also enjoy sewing, making pinecone wreaths and most recently mosaics. I currently am taking commissions and have been trying my hand at portraits.

My painting inspiration comes from photographs taken by myself or by family and friends. Some of my paintings are close up and show great detail. Other paintings invite the viewer to enjoy an unusual point of view- a view that in everyday life may seem ordinary, but when painted creates a thought provoking scene otherwise unnoticed by the passerby.