Steven Cabral


Abstract oil/encaustic paintings

Media: Drawing, Painting, Other: Encaustic

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street 29

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My work is both abstract and spiritual, functioning as an ongoing interpretation of my history -- a continuous flow of memory and experience that is translated into personal mythology conveyed in colors, forms, and lines. It serves as an intimate invitation, allowing me to share challenging moments or to express complicated feelings during experiences in which words alone might otherwise fail to fully convey the depth and nuance involved. During my art-making process, I engage my natural curiosity and explore what the paint can do by making marks that respond expressively to my thoughts and actions. Consequently, each mark represents my being as a living soul--creating shapes, lines, or by moving my brush sensuously across the canvas. Each of these compositional elements directly aligned with my abstract thinking process while yet still allowing me to work intuitively and let myself go. This collective body of works is a synthesis of my inner thoughts and emotions which is depicted in a narrative hues and shapes that captures the fleeting momentary fragments of past, present, and future.