Lauren Kent

Oil on canvas
[36" x 48"]
Oil Paintings

Media: Painting

Central Street Studios
57 Central Street 3rd Floor

MAP # 54

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My paintings are snapshots of people, places, and stories. Tied deeply to a sense of place, I paint scenes of areas where I have lived, traveled to, and traveled through. I paint what I see and what I imagine. I am drawn to how people interact within public spaces and find inspiration from taking walks, looking closely, and appreciating both mundane and unexpected moments. I work off of photographs that I shoot quickly without much editing. Jumping off of a specific scene, as I paint, I find and highlight new details, characters, and moments. Through my painting process, the piece takes on a narrative of its own.

I paint with oil paints and mediums, starting off with a structured under-painting that is closely recreated from photographs. From there, the painting becomes more loose, abstract, and stylized. My process becomes more about play, color, storytelling, and emotion above realistic rendering. At this stage I hope to give the painting movement and life. I like to work quickly, blending wet paint onto wet paint. I am energized by dripping paint and love to allow space for the material to speak for itself. This element of surprise from the materialís interactions contributes to the altered nature of the scenes that I am depicting.

In one way, my composite paintings are a type of living journal that recount my personal experiences. At the same time, I hope to create scenes that have a universal relatability--from which viewers can have their own interactions.