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In August 1990 I arrived in New York at JFK airport with $100 in my pocket. My friend greeted me and gave me little point and shoot camera. Things were never the same. I fell in love with photography and four years later I was graduating from photography school and started to shoot for Wired, Time Magazine, Fortune and hundreds of other clients.

Past 20 years of doing photography have been crazy, wonderful, at times challenging but never boring and I would not change a thing.

I traveled the world, shot thousands of incredible folks – famous and not so famous, fun and difficult. My goal was always to tell their story – whether for an album cover, music video or magazine article.

As I photographed other people’s stories I started to tell mine. Over past decade I shot self portraits using large format camera in series called “ Bridget and I”. Bridget is a fiber glass mannequin and I found her on Craigslist.I never expected our relationship will be as long lasting and cathartic as it is. It became my visual diary. I created my own world independent of Time and Place, where I blurred roles between viewer , narrator and subject. The world in which I captured my past, my dreams and my hopes.

“Bridget and I “ series has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the country and this fall it will appear in my solo show at Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, alongside my newest project “ Horace and Agnes”.

“Horace and Agnes” is a modern day fairy tale starring m