Jane Sherrill

Moss Flow
Acrylic on wood panel
[18" X 18"]

Media: Collage, Painting, Sculpture

Vernon Street Studios
20 Vernon Street 80

MAP # 59

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My recent paintings express my love affair with this planet. After a day of painting, when I leave my studio I want to bring my paintbrush to bear upon the evening sky, to drawings rivulets of melting snow create on pavement.

As a young adult I spent my days wandering through pine forests, around ponds, and out to the ocean. My intention was to get lost in my surroundings, becoming one large mind hearing/seeing. When I got lucky I was rewarded with a wide perspective—seeing each individual tree in simultaneous sharp focus, hearing every pine needle fall. I paint landscapes to recreate that state of mind. I use tiny brushes and lose myself in details, creating an abstract surface rich in detail that coalesces into a compelling landscape as you stand further back.