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Photography, Graphics, Furniture

Media: Graphic Design, Mixed-Media, Photography

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street 14

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Frances Fusaro resides in Somerville Massachusetts. She came to the New England via the New York area. Although Cambridge is now home, she was born and raised in Long Island New York.

Art was very influential in her life as early as elementary school where drawing scribbles became a way of life from that moment onward to present day. Photography became a signature point of hers in high school. “My first class was influential because it was simply all about black and white photography. I remember taking pleasure in all of the time spent in the darkrooms processing images by hand and it was always magical watching my images appear on the paper as they processed in the developing solution”.
Her education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte built a foundation of knowledge and interest in design and photography as a career. After UNCC came the opportunity for her to become an Artist in Residence at The McColl Center in Charlotte NC, where she garnered a wealth of artistic tasks that even incorporated design elements into her photographic works. Currently, she works as a full-time graphic designer and she also does freelance work.

She is influenced by contemporary art and all things artistic Boston has to offer. Her visits to the Institute of Contemporary Art, Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum and Cyclorama keeps her driven to succeed and explore current industry trends in her field.

“I look at life as a storyboard….I try to capture every moment with my camera"