Earthsign Studios
Liz LaManche

Acrylic on panel
[10" x 10"]
Painting: kinetic/xpressionist

Media: Drawing, Painting, Other

35 Kidder Avenue

MAP # 13
Also Open Friday Night 6-9pm

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An element of surprise, and making people smile, is often part of the goal. It's gentle but unexpected. Double readings, visual puns, hidden symbols, or some simple challenge of perception. My work has been characterized as "vibrant, with a touch of whimsy..." "Saturated dreamscapes sit astride personal and evocative moments to create heightened emotional realities. Like taking a photograph of the world through the eyes of a hyper-caffeinated baby."

Thanks to living abroad at an impressionable age, Liz LaManche grew up with a sense that there are many different ways of being and a big, fascinating and colorful world out there. Her imaginary worlds and creatures, and perverse desire to decorate everything, started coming out early in life.

She has spent much of her career as a graphic designer and designer for online media, running her own studio since 2001, and painting all the while. Her works are characterized by a wealth of saturated color, whimsical characters and fantastic, dreamlike imagery informed by iconic elements from our collective visual culture.

Since 2004 she has also been working in large-scale murals, often lit with custom-programmed color-changing LED light. Her 40-foot permanent outdoor color-changing mural in Hyattsville, MD, completed in spring of 2013, is the first of its kind.

Liz LaManche earned a BA in Architecture at Yale, with a thesis project in design of architectural ornament and public art gaining her Distinction in the Major. Later coursework at the Art Institute of Boston and elsewhere, included illustrative drawing and painting, figure drawing and portraiture.