Jim Baab

Blood Orange Butterfly I
Archival Pigment Print
[11" x 14"]
Photographic Illusions

Media: Books + Paper, Photography

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At the intersection of gastronomy and geometry, still-life and biology, sensual and grotesque, CONVERGENCE elevates the mundane via an in-camera, digital mirror effect. While rotating and panning the camera above common foods, a live, Rorschachian symmetry allows me to channel pareidolia (a psychological phenomenon wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists) and capture demons, angels, parasites, masks, and otherworldly artifacts, flora and fauna. The results of these explorations are not just an artistic journey through my mind's eye. Each image is an opportunity for the viewer to recognize the psychology behind the foods we prefer, produce, prepare, consume, and waste.

Jim Baab, Photographer, (1970 - )

Somerville, MA artist Jim Baab photographs everyday objects, scenes, and the human form, with an eye for light, line, and illusion. Since taking his hobby more seriously in 2011, his artwork has been chosen for national and international juried group exhibitions in TN, CA, MA, MI, VT and Budapest, Hungary.

Awards & Recognition:

Distinguished Artist Award, ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal, August 2015, Volume 14, pg. 41 - 45, (also, pg. 1 & 75)

First Round Selected Photographer, Hariban Award '15, Benrido Collotype Atelier, Kyoto, Japan, July, 2015

Special Merit Award, 5th Annual Figurative Art Exhibition, lightspacetime.com, July 2015

Gold Artist Award, ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal, August 2014, Volume 8, pg. 8 - 11

2nd Place, Food/Beverage Category, 2013 Mobile Photography Awards