Atomic Earrings

Atomic Earrings
3-D printed nylon
3-D Printed earrings.

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What are Atomic Earrings:
Atomic Earrings are small organic sculptures inspired by nature. Created using the magic of 3-D Printing, they are hollow, intricate and dramatic, yet incredibly lightweight. We're now offering over 30 earring designs in large ($35.00/pair) and small ($25.00/pair). Each design comes in 10 different colors. We now also offer bracelets & necklaces!

Who is Atomic Earrings:
For the past 25 years Bob Field owned and operated Foam Props, a commercial sculpture company that created huge foam sculptures for TV commercials, movies, museums, trade shows and events like the Olympics.

He's now designing these small wearable sculptures, inspired by Art Forms in Nature (Haeckel), Cabinets of Curiosities and images of micro-organisms such as phytoplankton, diatoms & radiolaria.

What is 3-D Printing:
3-D Printing is similar to 2-D printing, but instead of depositing a single layer of ink on a piece of paper, hundreds of layers of molten plastic are printed on top of each other to create the 3-D object.

We start by designing the earring using CAD software. The computer then slices the digital earring into hundreds of layers. Finally the file is sent to a 3-D printer which lays down each layer, one on top of the next, until the entire earring is built, like magic!