Christine Chang

paris bird market: 5 red and green birds
Acrylic on canvas
[4x6 in 7x7x11 cage]
urbanscapes, buoys & birdcages

Media: Painting, Printmaking, Other: Paintings in Birdcages

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street 52

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as an artist, i sign my name "c zing c" utilizing my chinese middle name.

i am originally from new york, but have lived, worked and exhibited in ny, boston, san francisco; dublin, ireland and paris, france. i studied math and art at smith college, in massachusetts. in addition to being a painter, i have worked professionally as a director, programmer and artist in computer animation, special effects and games. i have worked for film studios such as don bluth studios("american tail"), macguff("despicable me") and pixar.

mostly formed as an artist in new england, my style is influenced by the boston school and impressionism but also by the compositional aesthetics of photography. my math background pushes me towards precision, which i must constantly battle to keep my artistic side satisfied. i try to keep my brushstrokes loose, which gives the painting more energy and life.

i have studied chinese watercolors, in which the brushstroke is a critical part of the painting and abstract elements combine to create a figurative image. however, having mostly rejected my heritage as a child, i am culturally an american who is more inspired by other places i have lived. my great love is paris, where i have resided on and off for many years.

i am attracted to rooftop scenes watertowers in new york, mediterranean red roofs, and the rooflines of ireland and paris. most of all i love the little chimneys that crowd the tops and exterior walls of paris buildings, like little groups of creatures (some with hats) gathering to chat. they are a varied lot, a visual history of chimney technology over hundreds of years.

invention and experimentation were required in my computer animation background and this carried into my artwork as i tried new approaches to images. i have done "child paintings" which are my renderings of my young daughter's pencil drawings. after with fertility treatments, i made a series of "conceptional art" based on personal ideas and impressions on human reproduction. a continuing series called "paris bird market" has small paintings framed in decorative bird cages.

to see more of my paintings, please visit my website: czingc.com or christinechangart.com
contact: christine_chang@yahoo.com