Carol E. Moses

Blue Forest
watercolor on paper
nonrepresentational watercolor

Media: Painting, Photography, Printmaking

Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street 22

MAP # 58

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Making art nourishes me and allows me to unravel the ideas coursing through me.
It lets me know that life has good stuff in it. Making art helps me know that I exist, and helps me externalize my content.

In making art, I began with painting, then included drawing, and then printmaking. As a child, I was all about math, logic and science, and I disliked art. The affinity with math, science, logic, etc is still visible in my work – I often create grids, patterns, repeated elements, “biological” patterns, etc, and my work reveals a concern with balance, order, and cohesion.

The colors of paint are beautiful and interesting. I love working with water media, and the pleasure of the wetness. Using this fixed but infinitely mutable set of materials, I work to convey an emotion, a state of the heart, a condition of the beings around me, or one perspective of the pain or the beauty of our universe.

I also do black and white drawings, particularly when I am traveling, because the materials are small and portable. I enjoy drawing in parks and cafes.

The greatest challenge for me while I am working is to not work self-consciously. I work best if I just sit with the colors, the paper, and the water, and wait for forms and relations to be imagined. It is sometimes a struggle to not consider what people might think, or how this piece compares with past work, or what it may be like when I have finished it. I try to have a clear and open mind and keep free and in balance.