2016 Somerville Open Studios Artists

These are the Artist members of Somerville Open Studios

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Results Found : 22

Name Address Description Map
Harperite Images<br>Rachel Pachter Harperite Images
Rachel Pachter
+Open Friday
Rock Thin Section Photography
Arbalest Press<br>Jen Palacio Arbalest Press
Jen Palacio
Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Avenue
Letterpress Prints & Cards 46 (accessible)
David Palmquist David Palmquist +Open Friday
Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street
Architectural landscapes 58
Thea Paneth Thea Paneth +Open Friday
Central Street Studios
57 Central Street
2nd floor
iconic portraits, birds, trees 54
Paper Wasp Designs<br>Lyn Brown Paper Wasp Designs
Lyn Brown
+Open Friday
17 Marshall Street
Bookbinding & Paper Arts 66
Roy Pardi Roy Pardi Vernon Street Studios
6 Vernon Street
Physical computing 58
Jennifer Park Jennifer Park +Inside-OUT Show
Workbar Union
31 Union Square
Meditative minimalism 84
 Parts and Crafts Parts and Crafts 577 Somerville Avenue
Kid workshop and makerspace 48 (accessible)
 Patricia Wellenkamp Jewelry Patricia Wellenkamp Jewelry +Open Friday
Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street
Textured, Mixed Metal Jewelry 92
Paula Garbarino Furniture Maker<br>Paula Garbarino Paula Garbarino Furniture Maker
Paula Garbarino
Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street
Bay 5 rear
Furniture with Marquetry 92
 Pecan In Space Pecan In Space 60 Park Street
Portraits-Toys-Robots-Ray Guns 49
Julie Peck Julie Peck Julie Peck Studio
21 Willow Avenue
High relief carved ceramics 26
Michael Piantedosi Michael Piantedosi Artisan's Asylum
10 Tyler Street
Near-Infrared and Visible Light 51 (accessible)
Pawblo Picasso Pawblo Picasso Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street
Custom pet portraits and gifts 92
The Boston School of Painting<br>Jason Polins The Boston School of Painting
Jason Polins
+Open Friday
Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street
Contemporary Realist Painting 92
Katya Popova Katya Popova +Open Friday
427 Medford Street, apt.3
Mixed media: 2D, 3D 60
Nancy Popper Nancy Popper Mixit Studios / Mixit Print Studio
32 Clifton Street
Intaglio prints 20
Porcelain and Stone<br>Kimberly Huestis Porcelain and Stone
Kimberly Huestis
Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street
Modern porcelain gold jewelry 92
Rosemary Porter Rosemary Porter Mad Oyster Studios
2 Bradley Street
Photography 70
Judith Prager Judith Prager 7 Belmont Place
Landscape,still life, abstract 43
Wendy Prellwitz Wendy Prellwitz Vernon Street Studios
20 Vernon Street
7th floor, #93
Abstracted images based on water 59
Nathaniel Price Nathaniel Price Vernon Street Studios
20 Vernon Street
70 & 71
Drawing and Sculpture 59